Owner Brian Johnston of Altitude, Johnno’s and Alpine campers started building fully Australian made soft floor campers back in 2000. Johnno’s campers became a Nationally recognised soft floor, off road camper catering for campers that wanted to hire or buy. This was a true testimate to the off road ability of these campers as they experienced every off road track in Australia and became the back bone to Johnno’s campers standard expected.

After selling Johnno’s Campers back in 2003 he saw a gap in the market for a lightweight and compact camper that could be towed behind motorbikes and small cars which became Elite Campers. Increasing costs to manufacture in Australia, Brian became one of the first manufacturers to go off shore to have the product built to the same standard and quality. Elite campers became very popular nationally and is still going strong today.

Moving forward to 2013 Altitude campers was born with same goals as Johnno’s Campers to build a good quality off road camper which started with the Off road, soft floor and progressing to a hard floor shortly after. Then along came the forward fold campers and once again with the increasing costs to manufacture in Australia the forward fold range where built off shore to the same quality and standards. The market quickly moved into Hybrids and Altitude campers took the same approach as keeping the quality and standard above everything else.

At the same time Altitude still built Hybrids 100% in Maryborough Qld from the ground up including the chassis, structural foam composite body panels and lightweight but super strong internal structure. 2020 the Australian made hybrids in Maryborough where separated from Altitude campers and the new company Alpine Campers took over to stand alone as a fully Australian built company. With a total work force of over 30 staff owner Brian Johnston supports Australian and international workers.




Altitude Camper Trailers comes with a wealth of knowledge in an industry that can often be so misleading.

Brian, being the Founder of Johnno’s Camper Trailers which he sold in 2004, has seen firsthand the conditions some campers are put through in Australia’s outback having had a huge fleet of hire camper trailers.

After selling Johnno’s, Brian went on to founding Elite Motorbike Campers, which were designed to be super light so they could be towed behind motor bikes.

After selling Elite Bike Campers and having a break from the industry, Brian saw a gap in the market for a good, Australian-made, off road camper trailer, that was practical and good value, and fitted with features that worked.

Altitude Campers now have only 4 models from our very popular Hybrids to our hard floors – specialising mainly in Off Road.

We are super excited with our new Alpine 15 and Ascent 13 Hybrids. To very robust and capable campers that make camping so much easier.

The results of Camper Trailer Australia Magazine’s competition for 2015 saw our Pinnacle Off Road Walk Up model voted Best Value and Best Self Sufficient Camper Trailer.

These results are an example of our striving to produce Australian made Camper Trailers that offer value for money using the best quality products.